Are you looking for a good gift for someone you know who collects coins? You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a gift for the coin collectors on your Christmas list but you can if you want. It is easy to find an expensive coin that is rare and unique if that is what you want to give someone for Christmas who collects coins. You can look on the net, Ebay or go to a local coin shop to find unique and different coins that would be great in someone’s coin collection. Or you can get the person on your Christmas list supplies for their coin collection.

These shops provide coin collectors the opportunity to actually examine or scrutinize the coins that interest you. Fortunately, these coin shops are also replete with experts and coin lovers who share your passion and can offer their valid judgment on a particular coin’s grade or value. They can also offer helpful tips as well as advice.

Place Values: Learning to read the mintage dates on the coins, and putting their coins into chronological order in a coin folder is a great way to place values to the thousands and also teach how we measure years on a calendar.

Last weekend I visited a local “>coin shop Lexington