Take all your players who are low in fitness and morale and place them in your reserves and then play a match. You will come out of it and notice how it’s gone up, back into the 90s. It might take more time and it only really works when you have multiple squads but it definitely saves you precious coins. You can even put gold players in there even if you play in the silver cup since the game only counts the sub bench.

Perhaps you have a friend who collects coins or possibly you just think it may be a neat hobby. The reason you decide to start a coin collection does not matter as much as the fact you have decided to get started. Since we are going low tech you will not need any special equipment. A good eye and something to keep your coins in will get you started.

There are currently no freely circulating gold currencies in the world; so, right or wrong, as a medium of exchange it is clearly prone to failure. Why? Because it is so good at storing value that presented with a choice of spending pesos or gold people repeatedly spend pesos and save gold – which means the gold gravitates to savers, not spenders, and stops circulating as currency.

Dinners how difficult it is to get people to accept gold as a payment. But I lost my wallet and the sovereign was the one irreplaceable thing in it! I don’t carry any gold any more.

Getting There: The closest Rome subway stop is Piazza di Spagna (Metro Line A). Walk down from the Spanish Steps. Keep on going straight and you will be on the street called Via Condotti. Walk a few blocks on the right side until you reach #68. As you are walking, you’ll notice many high end fashion shops like Hermes and Versace. At #68, some flags will be flying above the street, and at street level, a gate opens to the palace inside. Unless you have official business, you won’t be allowed in. Don’t let that stop you, as you can turn right at the next corner at Via Bocca di Leone #68, and go inside the post office and “>coin shop Greensboro