I remember the little things about Turkey; but then again, I suppose I would. The books are filled with pictures of the beautiful mosques. You can read all about Cavaranserai on the Internet. What website, though, is going to approximate the wistfulness of that last bite of beriberi? What book will bring you back to that tiny, crowded coin shop where she first smiled?

Not really. The founders of DGCs tend to believe in gold as both a store of value and a medium of exchange. I agree with them wholeheartedly that gold is peerless as a store of value, but I think the evidence is that gold is at best a temporary medium of exchange. It gets beaten back by Gresham’s law :- “Bad money drives good money out of circulation”.

The handful of companies (Coins N Things, MTB Coins, Jack Hunt Coins, Fidelitrade, American Precious Metals Exchange, A-Mark Precious Metals, The Gold Center, Dillon Gage, and Prudential Securities) selling these silver behemoths have been overwhelmed with requests. The rules limiting them to selling no more than one set of five to any single household has not made it any easier for the majority of folks to find even one example, much less a set of five.

Call your local coin dealer. Do a Google search on a local “>coin shop Pfafftown