Greater stability and an extreme focus on quality have been the mantra for the rare coin market in 2016. As the year comes to a close we offer this short recap of the year. Auction-wise, the year started out with a bang as Heritage sold an 1894-S dime for $1,997,500 at their FUN auction. Close on the heels of that sale in terms of price was Legend Rare Coin Auction’s sale of an 1879 gold Quintuple Stella pattern for $1,880,000 in May. However, two coins that did not sell made as much news as ones that did. The highly anticipated sale of both the finest known 1804 dollar and the 1822 half eagle as part of the Pogue collection were both passes as they crossed the block. There were a handful of additional coins at or near the seven figure range, and million dollar coins are seen much more frequently than in the past.


This is our final Greysheet issue for 2016. CDN has traditionally closed for the Christmas week, and combined the final two weeks into a single edition. We will change this in 2017 and issue 52 newsletters for consistency. Thank you for being a valued subscriber and reader in 2016. We have many exciting changes and improvements in store for the coming year.


BU Rolls: Price updates for many dates of Kennedy half dollar rolls this week.

Modern Commems: The U.S. Mint has announced that they will be re-opening sales of the previously released 2016-W Gold Mercury Dime. When these coins were released in late April they were quickly sold out, but due to customer returns and other ordering issues, there are nearly 9,000 pieces remaining in the Mint inventory. Due to lower spot gold price the cost of the gold Mercury will be $200 as opposed to $205 originally. Update: The good news is the remainder coins sold out immediately upon re-release.

Mint State Type: A handful of price changes this week, in accordance with our updates in the Quarterly I issue. Twenty cent pieces show the most activity.