Goldnomics Podcast – Gold, Stocks, Bitcoin in 2018. Everything Bubble Bursts?

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In this our first GoldNomics podcast we take a look at the major financial market themes of 2017 and delve into the outlook in 2018. GoldCore CEO Stephen Flood and GoldCore’s Research Director and world renowned precious metals commentator Mark O’Byrne are interviewed by Dave Russell.

Macro-economic and geo-political developments are considered in an attempt to assess the risks of a global financial shock in the coming year and the outlook for bitcoin, stocks and gold. We cut through the financial markets jargon and look at the risks to your investment portfolio and financial wellbeing that are largely ignored in the mainstream media.

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2:20 What had the biggest impact on financial markets in 2017

6:12 What we need to watch for in 2018

6:25 Is a sharp correction on the cards for financial markets?

6:59 “The Everything Bubble! … bursts”

8:30 The effect of zero percent interest rates

8:45 The effect of “Algos” – algorithmic trading

9:35 Markets awash with liquidity. Bubbles in stocks, bonds, property & bitcoin

10:40 Turning away from fundamentals – stopping the markets pricing risks

11:20 Why investors now have to second guess central bankers

12:10 The markets are running blind because of the official sector

12:19 The effect of passive trading on the market

13:30 Is gold still capable of playing the role of Canary in the coalmine.

Why is it not reacting to the increases in risk?

15:00 We are no longer creating the same level of return in the form of GDP growth

15:50 What is going to be the banana skin for the bull market

16:00 The brewing trouble with Italian banks – what no one is talking about

17:40 The search for yield driving markets higher

18:00 The rise of populism – will the trend continue

19:25 The need for central banks to raise rates – running out of tools

21:10 The rise of corporatism – and the continued rise of inequality

21:30 The political manipulation of money

22:20 Central Banks reaching the end point?

23:02 Bitcoin and the impact on the monetary system

24:25 Bitcoin and the search for yield

25:15 Importance and the impact of the blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin

26:35 Is there a tulip bulb style mania in Bitcoin? How high will it go, when will it crash?

29:25 Why the psychology of bubbles may suggest that bitcoin early stages of a bubble

30:55 State backed cryptographic currencies

31:55 Where are precious metals going in 2018? What will break this sideways cycle?

32:40 What are the reasons to continue to hold gold bullion in 2018

33:25 What the smart money is doing

34:40 The nature of gold as financial insurance

35:25 The paradigm shift of China and its impact on the gold price

37:45 The production costs of gold as a floor to the gold price

38:55 Why diversified investors hope the price of gold falls

40:10 Stephen, Mark and Dave’s ones to watch for 2018!

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