Editors Note: With the New York Times once again trying to convince us that the Gold Standard is a barbarous relic from the past (see below), we are happy to publish an interesting and informative piece by one of our contributors David Bryan.

GoldCore: Einstein Think

Gold is real independent money that can be explained in terms of physics and ensures the economic health of a nation. Counterparty liability money is a monetary ideology that empowers central bankers who issue currency that destroys the economic wealth of nations.

Science invalidated belief five hundred years ago and proved the earth is round.

Science has since advanced knowledge that the entire universe is comprised of energy and matter.

Economic Science is an attempt to understand how the dynamic of energy and matter contributes to the economic benefit of one and all.

Enterprise is the energy that drives productivity and creates real economic wealth. To sustain life there is no scientific substitute for enterprise and yet banks and socialist politicians would have us believe that enterprise is not needed for wealthy creation.

Banks and socialist politicians have us believe in a monetary ideology that uses fake money so that we lose monetary independence, economic freedom and wealth security to their central planning and control.

Money defines our prosperity, financial independence and economic freedom, to protect us from harm it must have real wealth.

Counterparty money is the liability owed to the issuing central bank and it has no value apart from a legal stipulation that prevents real money from being used in competition.

Virtual money is almost or nearly as described, but not completely according to strict definition, it does not physically exist as such but is made by software to appear to do so.

Gold is Monetary Science that is Par Excellence.

Gold used as real monetary wealth to fund enterprise has the interaction of energy and matter, science based on physics to underpin the productive dynamic of nations and maintain a continued cycle of economic renewal.

Gold has no issuer’s counterparty liability.

Gold is money outside the banking system that protects wealth from the corrupt actions of governments and financial institutions.

Gold has a natural inbuilt compound interest that over time reflects economic progress and increases it’s monetary worth.

Gold in excess of $1033.50 an oz today has increased by 5000% from $20.67 an oz when the Federal Reserve Bank was formed in 1913. The people of the United States were tricked into losing their monetary independence to this privately owned central banking institution.

Falsely pretending something that does not have value as monetary worth is a crime, a sham and a fraud intended to take something valuable from another person. Since it became money the Federal Reserve’s Ponzi counterfeit dollar has been steadily devalued by 97% to just 3% of its original purchasing power.

Gold is real independent money with intrinsic worth that cannot go broke.

Gold is the mortal enemy of central bankers. It is an independent monetary asset that would prevent the central banks from using their Ponzi of counterparty paper to exclusively manage, control and centrally plan the economy.

Gold would prevent paper monetarism being used to steal the wealth and productivity of nations. Portugal, Italy Greece, Spain termed the PIGS nations and almost every other country in the world are now locked in a debt-induced depression caused by banker counterparty finance.

Gold is real wealth and cannot be printed into existence. It does not have or need the risks that come from the central bankers financial engineering to manipulate and rig the value of every asset class.

Gold would prevent paper monetarism being used to fund the global agenda of countless wars and the use of mercenaries to destabilize entire regions that cause the problems of massive cultural migration.

Gold as money would end gross injustice, where an industry that decides on the allocation of capital itself produces nothing of real value and yet it is the main beneficiary of wealth.

Gold as measured by the trusted Exter’s pyramid of risk assets, cannot be stopped by the manipulation policies of central bankers from being the ultimate safe haven.

Gold is economic science to reset the world from the social and economic devastation caused by adopting corrupt dogma that divide rich from poor of debt monetarism, corporatism, socialism, capitalism, communism and globalism.

Gold is the monetary means to rid the world from central banking and end the massive amounts of finance to institutionalize ownership of business and labor. Endless new money is used to incorporate resources beyond the