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(Q) I’d like to see the use of digital gold (DGC) become more mainstream, and gold used more for daily business and money transactions. Do you agree that Internet business could be expanded in this direction or should we only be using gold as a store of value, a trading and investment vehicle and a ‘better’ savings account?

Once we look outside of the consumption of silver then we must look at the metal in another light. Silver is a store of wealth for many people. The great thing about silver is that it is a natural earth metal so humans cannot simply create it in a lab. With that in mind we look know that miners make up the supply side and consumers will make up the buyers side. If production increases and consumers want less silver, then prices will fall until consumer feel silver is at a good value. Conversely if production falls and consumers demand remain the same price of silver will increase.

Well I’ve seen adverts where National mints charge 30-40% MORE, for the same coin, than you would get charged if you walked into any coin-bullion dealers in the Country.

As a side note, I also found out that Cash4Gold only insures these packages for $100. I also discovered that while Cash4Gold claims that if you are unsatisfied with the payment amount, they will return the jewelry, there is a catch. They are only responsible for $100 if they can’t return it (lost or otherwise not returned), and the customer has to pay shipping to have it returned – along with the original shipping cost to get it there.

Thirdly, make sure that you find a trusted and reputed dealer to buy silver coins from. You might have to check with several dealers before you settle on one because silver is not generally kept in stock. Buying silver coins will be made easier if you have a great relationship with your dealer. Now that you have purchased your silver coins, you should keep it ideally in a safe, either in your home or at the bank. You now have physical possession of your silver coins so you need to keep them safe.