Many changes and updates have been implemented with the publication of the January 2016 Monthly Supplement. They are:

• For 20th Century gold, we integrated the proof coins to be in line with the business strikes, rather than being listed in separate charts.

• For silver and nickel three-cent pieces, Shield and Liberty nickels, and Barber dimes, quarters, and halves, we have also added the proof coin prices to be in line with the business strikes. Now users do not need to consult the Quarterly issues to find proof pricing for these series. We also brought over the proof Morgan dollars chart from the Quarterly and the Matte Finish proof Buffalo nickels as well.

• For the Indian Cents listing, we added the following varieties: 1860 Pointed Bust, 1873 Closed and Open 3, 1873 doubled die obverse, 1886 type 2, 1888/7, and the 1894/1894.

• In Lincoln cents, we added the 1909 S/Horizontal S, 1917 doubled die obverse, 1922 plain Weak Reverse, 1943 D/D, 1944 D/S, and the 1969 S doubled die obverse.

• For Two-Cent pieces, we added the 1867 doubled die obverse and the 1873 Open 3. In Three-Cent nickels we added the 1873 Open 3. For Shield nickels we added the 1873 Closed 3.

• In Buffalo nickels we added the 1914/3, 1935 doubled die obverse, 1936 D 3½ Leg, and 1938 D/D.

We hope these additions help dealers deal in these issues more confidently.