The Investing News Network caught up with Fred Davidson, president and CEO of IMPACT Silver (TSXV:IPT), at the 2018 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference in Toronto.

Davidson said silver is much stronger than it was, but acknowledged that there’s “a bit of weakness in the pricing of silver.” His company also produces lead and zinc, and “with the strengthening in the lead and the zinc [prices], we’re going to put back our zinc circuit back into production again.”

Over the last couple of years, IMPACT has delayed exploration to “preserve capital,” but the company “did a raise about a year and a half ago and [is] now dedicating that back to the exploration side.”

The company plans to follow up on exploration at the Santa Teresa gold-copper target, which is to the east above the “famous gold mine of Taxco,” as well at a third target to the south. Davidson added that IMPACT is looking to extend a “high-grade deposit” called San Ramon, and will “probably roll a dice a bit on a couple of greenfields [assets], kick them out of the soccer pitch if you will.”

Davidson said investors should choose IMPACT Silver because “90 to 95 percent of [the company’s] product is silver. We don’t use silver equivalents.” He added, “we have probably one of the most interesting exploration properties in Mexico.”

Watch the interview above for more insight from Davidson, or read the transcript below. You can also click here to view our PDAC 2018 playlist on YouTube.

INN: Tell me about some of the company’s operations in Mexico. 

FD: Well, the company has been operating in Mexico about 11 years now. We took a mine that was actually going down into receivership. We’ve rebuilt the reserves on it. But more than that, we’ve been operating successfully now for 11 years. We’re the primary producer of silver. But more than that, what makes it a dynamic project is that we’ve got about 353 square kilometers of property in one of the oldest mining districts in Mexico. Cortez actually hid out here when he got in trouble with the governor of New Spain so that’s how old a mining district is. The ground is exceptional. The people and the local community have always mined. In fact, there’s an old church there, and rather than the statue of the Madonna, it’s a statue of a miner. So we’ve got grandfathers, fathers, and sons working underground. And by the way, daughters now too.

INN: One of the things that’s important about companies is the management team, and you have extensive experience and an extensive career in mining. Can you talk a little bit about your role?</