It’s been a big year for Golden Arrow Resources (TSXV:GRG). The company reached a major milestone in May, when it completed a deal to combine its Chinchillas silver project with SSR Mining’s (TSX:SSRM,NASDAQ:SSRM) Pirquitas operation, and since then it has continued to move forward.

“The Grosso Group has three significant precious metals discoveries to its name, Chinchillas being the third,” said Nicholas Konkin, marketing and communications at Golden Arrow, at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference. “We [are looking] to continue to add to that successful exploration rate.”

Currently the company is conducting exploration through a wholly owned subsidiary, but Konkin said there are plans to spin it out into a public company. “There is a not a firm timeline as of yet – we will provide guidance on that in the near future,” he said. At the moment, he added, the best way to gain exposure to potential new discoveries is to buy into Golden Arrow itself.

Watch the interview above for more insight from Konkin on Golden Arrow’s future plans, what it’s like to operate in Argentina and where the silver price is headed. You can also read the transcript below.

INN: It’s been a big year for Golden Arrow. Earlier this year, the company closed a deal with Silver Standard Resources, now SSR Mining. Can you put the deal into context? What led up to it and why is it such a big milestone?

NK: The important detail here was that SSR Mining’s … Pirquitas mine was running low on ore. They were starting to mine stockpiles. And Golden Arrow’s Chinchillas silver project is about 40 kilometers from the Pirquitas mine and mill facility, so it was a natural fit.

INN: Can you explain how the assets of the two companies are going to work together there?

NK: The joint venture is 75 [percent] SSR Mining and 25 [percent] Golden Arrow. Both the Pirquitas mine and mill facility and the Chinchillas silver project are in the joint venture, and the joint venture is called Puna Operations.

INN: What’s next for Golden Arrow? From what I understand, you’ll be conducting exploration through your subsidiary. What does its portfolio look like?

NK: Golden Arrow runs on a two-value-stream company initiative. The first value stream is the joint venture with SSR Mining – we have a 25-percent active interest in that project, and we are revenue generating as of