Silver is another 0.5% higher today after yesterday’s 3% gains when silver flew through resistance at the $18 level to close at $18.26/oz. Silver has surged by similar amounts in euros and by 22% in beleaguered sterling.


Silver in USD – 10 Years

The rally for silver yesterday and today was more impressive than gold’s and saw prices at their highest since mid-September of 2014. Silver has now surged 16% in a month and the next level of resistance is $21.40/oz which silver touched in July 2014.

“Silver looks very bullish now and our clients are allocating to it in a big way,” we told Dow Jones Marketwatch (see below). “Silver is like gold on steroids when it gets going due to the very small size of the physical silver market versus stock, bond and even the gold market.”

Gold and Silver News

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“Silver looks very bullish now and our clients are allocating to it in a big way” (Marketwatch)

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

30 June: USD 1,317.00, EUR 1,183.59 & GBP 976.82 per ounce

29 June: USD 1,318.00, EUR 1,191.64 & GBP 984.36 per ounce

28 June: USD 1,312.00, EUR 1,185.79 & GBP 985.84 per ounce

27 June: USD 1,324.60, EUR 1,200.49 & GBP 996.36 per ounce

24 June: USD 1,313.85, EUR 1,181.28 & GBP 945.58 per ounce

23 June: USD 1,265.75, EUR 1,112.22 & GBP 850.96 per ounce

22 June: USD 1,265.00, EUR 1,122.31 & GBP 862.98 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

30 June: USD 18.36, EUR 16.48 & GBP 13.61 per ounce

29 June: USD 18.21, EUR 16.42 & GBP 13.55 per ounce

28 June: USD 17.57, EUR 15.84 & GBP 13.17 per ounce

27 June: USD 17.70, EUR 16.06 & GBP 13.40 per ounce

24 June: USD 18.04, EUR 16.32 & GBP 13.18 per ounce

23 June: USD 17.29, EUR 15.16 & GBP 11.61 per ounce

22 June: USD 17.20, EUR 15.23 & GBP 11.72 per ounce

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