Silver Krugerrands Produced By South African Mint – New Source Of Demand For Silver Coins

As interest in silver investment expands throughout the world, the South African Mint will produce its first Silver Krugerrand (1 oz ) which will be released this November.


Silver Krugerrands (1 oz) 2017 (Source: SRSrocco)

As reported by Steve St. Angelo on Silver Seek:

“This is quite remarkable as the South African Mint has been producing Gold Krugerrands since 1967.

Matter-a-fact, the South African Mint has produced over 50 million oz of Gold Krugerrands over the past 49 years. It is the largest Official Gold coin producer in the world. The U.S. Mint’s Gold Eagle comes in second with over 22 million oz produced since the program started in 1987.

With the 50 year anniversary of the minting of the Gold Krugerrand in 2017, the South African Government will also release a new 1 oz Platinum Krugerrand along with its new silver coin. They also plan on adding some addition sizes of the Gold Krugerrand, such as a 1/20th, 1/50th oz variants as well as a 5 oz coin.

However, the big deal for the silver investor will be the new 1 oz Silver Krugerrand. The South African Mint plans on releasing 500,000 of the 1 oz 2017 Silver Krugerrand next year, along with 15,000 proofs.”

Read full article by Steve St. Angelo on Silver Seek here

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

01 Nov: USD 1,284.40, GBP 1,048.58 & EUR 1,167.52 per ounce

31 Oct: USD 1,274.20, GBP 1,046.25 & EUR 1,163.22 per ounce

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24 Oct: USD 1,267.00, GBP 1,034.89 & EUR 1,163.61 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

01 Nov: USD 18.24, GBP 14.91 & EUR 16.54 per ounce

31 Oct: USD 17.76, GBP 14.59 & EUR 16.22 per ounce

28 Oct: USD 17.61, GBP 14.51 & EUR 16.13 per ounce

27 Oct: USD 17.66, GBP 14.41 & EUR 16.16 per ounce

26 Oct: USD 17.66, GBP 14.46 & EUR 16.17 per ounce

25 Oct: USD 17.73, GBP 14.49 & EUR 16.30 per ounce

24 Oct: USD 17.64, GBP 14.41 & EUR 16.19 per ounce

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