Reader Feedback

We received the following feedback from a longtime reader of CDN publications last week. Entirely unsolicited and posted here with permission from the author. Thanks James! We really appreciate your feedback and we will continue to work extremely hard to be worthy of your praise. We have a lot more work to do… -editor

Gentlemen and Ladies (where applicable),

When I’m cut, I bleed tradition. When I perspire, I exude convention. Put simply l venerate formality, ceremony and ritual. For some years now I have been a subscriber to the Gray Sheet and have profited from having been so quite handsomely. As such when I read about the change in ownership of the CDN it was with much trepidation. Such apprehension was VASTLY misplaced, utterly and completely. Quite simply I LOVE, whole heartedly support and am enormously GRATIFIED by the changes your new ownership have implemented. The new fonts are magnificent and lend themselves to ease of reading. The re-organized layout of coins (ex. Peace dollars no longer being mashed under modern dollars etc. but beneath Silver and Gold classic commemoratives) both logical and orderly, is MARVELOUS! The table of contents on the cover is STUPENDOUS! The bi-fold delivery unspeakably SUPERIOR! The entire renovation is SPECTACULAR! You have my most profound thanks for improving one of the most intrepid institutions of numismatics without denuding it of one scintilla of it’s practicality or value. You’ve done yeoman’s work gentlemen and ladies and are to be profoundly thanked and appreciated.

Cordially and appreciatively,

James E. Ripley Jr.