One of the brightest spots in the rare coin market over the past year has been better-date gold coins. While the gains have not been universal, and there are some soft spots noted, the general demand for fresh, accurately graded gold coins is real. We’ve already seen significant demand in the pre-Liberty half eagles and eagles but Liberty and 20th Century issues are now following suit. As an example of what can happen when a fresh better date coin comes to market is the result of a PCGS MS60 1861-O $20 in the FUN auction which sold for $312,000. The last previous price for an MS60 coin of this date was $146,875 in 2014. Interestingly, there are two MS61 graded coins (according to the population reports) that have yet to be offered at public auction.

Unfortunately our deadline for this issue of Quarterly III misses the results of the February Heritage Long Beach sale which features some great examples of the coins we are describing here, and we eagerly anticipate the results, because the market is starving for these items. Readers should note that we will review the results of this sale (and all future sales) over the next month and update prices on our web site and smart-phone app (available in iOS & Google Play stores) so you can stay current with changing values.


Readers of this issue will also note that we are displaying prices in more split grades than ever. This, of course, in response to popular demand from readers and coin dealers who request that we cover grades like XF45, AU55, AU58, MS61, and so on. We’ve added prices to many series we cover including 20th Century gold issues in MS66 (CAC and non-CAC). We’ve added CAC pricing for MS67 coins as well.


We are especially excited to introduce Territorial Gold coin prices on page 8 of this issue. In our research to price these challenging issues, we turned to one of the best-known experts in this area, and whose opinion and expertise we trust explicitly. We welcome your feedback on these prices. Importantly, the price chart that you see here in print is only a fraction of the Territorial Gold prices that we have. Because of the obvious space limitations, we have attempted to select the most popular and most actively traded coins. However, our full price chart for this series that can be found electronically has 119 individual listings. We highly encourage you to view the full list at: www.coinprices. com. More good news is that we’ve had a similar opportunity from experts in Colonial coins, and we will post a greatly expanded price guide for these issues online in early March.


The CPG® Coin & Currency Market Review was introduced at the FUN show this January with a comprehensive listing of all coin and currency series that we cover, including those not in print. The CPG is an ideal companion to the Greysheet newsletters with retail-friendly pricing for consumers who do not require a Greysheet subscription.