NGC will offer its popular Early Releases designation for eligible 2018 Silver and Gold Pandas. A special label has also been created to mark the 35th anniversary of the Silver Panda.

The highly anticipated 2018 Silver and Gold Pandas are about to be released. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Chinese Silver Panda, and NGC has created a special label to celebrate the occasion.

In addition, NGC’s popular Early Releases designation will be available for qualifying coins. Special submission instructions must be followed.

The commemorative 35th Anniversary Silver Panda NGC certification label features a likeness of the original 1983 design on the Silver 10 Yuan Panda. It is the default label for 2018 Silver Pandas, and is available by special request for other 2018 Pandas, or any 2018 medal that celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the Silver Panda. See “Additional Instructions” below.

The 35th Anniversary Silver Panda label (left) and the Early Releases label (right)

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Submission Instructions

  • Submit the coins under the Modern grading tier or higher. If Early Releases is desired, select Special Label / Releases and check Early Releases (+$10).
  • To qualify for the Early Releases designation, coins must be received at an NGC office or NGC Approved Depository within 30 days of the coin’s release date. See cutoff dates here.
  • Please note that 2018 Silver and Gold Panda submissions to NGC’s US and Hong Kong offices are not eligible for the “First Day of Issue” and “First Releases” designations.
  • The default label for 2018 Silver Pandas is the NGC 35th Anniversary Panda label shown below. This special label is included in the NGC grading fee and does not require an additional fee.

  • The default label for 2018 Gold Pandas will be either the NGC Standard Brown (shown below) or the NGC Blue Early Releases label, as applicable.

  • If you would prefer the Blue Early Releases label (shown below), write “Blue Early Releases” in bold letters on the NGC Submission Form.

  • If you would like the NGC Panda (Large) label (shown below), write “NGC Panda (Large)” on the submission form. A fee of $5 applies.

  • If you would like capsules returned, select “Return Mint Packaging” on the NGC Submission Form. A fee of $5 per form applies; there may be an additional charge for shipping.

Important Notes about the “Release Date” and Cutoff Dates

  • China releases panda coins at different times for domestic and international markets. NGC will therefore post different release dates for in-China submissions and international submissions (e.g. to its Hong Kong or US offices). Click here to see cutoff dates.
  • In China, the release date is defined as the first day that these coins are in wide release to the distributors of CGCI. This generally means that multiple CGCI distributors have reported to NGC Shanghai that they are now in possession of 2018 Silver