Minshull Trading Inc. is pleased to announce that Balazs Csaki and Brian Hodge have become equity partners at Minshull Trading.

Originally incorporated as Lee Minshull R.C., Inc in 1992 by its founder and President, Lee Minshull, the company was renamed to Minshull Trading in 2014 to reflect the variety of products offered and the expanded roles of the company’s key contributors, including Mr. Csaki and Mr. Hodge. Minshull Trading has become one of the premier wholesale numismatics dealers in the United States and has key business relationships all over the world. In announcing that Mr. Csaki and Mr. Hodge have become partners, Minshull Trading wants to recognize the key roles they have played in advancing Minshull Trading’s position in the industry, providing services in modern coins, rare coins, ancient coins, and various marketing programs.

Mr. Csaki has been with the company since 2002, and has had an integral role in wholesale trading and marketing, the day-to-day and big picture operations, and expanding the product lines of the firm. In addition to being named partner, his new title will be Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Hodge has been with the company since 2004, and has long been the key contact for the company’s rare coin transactions. Mr. Hodge is an expert in rare U.S. gold and silver coins, a PNG member, and a frequent contributor to several numismatic publications. Mr. Hodge’s title is Director of Rare Coins.

Mr. Minshull, the majority shareholder of the company, as well as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, continues to play a large role not just in the company but in the numismatic industry at large. The company has generated over $2 billion in wholesale numismatic sales over the last 16 years in large part due to its dynamic and talented team, which in addition to its partners, includes traders William Johnson, Patrick Richey, Peter Manning, and Joe Greenberg, as well as our incredible support staff.