Consumers are lapping up physical gold at a time supply is declining, helping underpin a rally in gold prices.

Demand from emerging markets in particular is strong as currencies such as the Indonesian rupiah, the Malaysian ringgit and the Vietnamese dong has fallen sharply in the last 12 to 18 months against the U.S. dollar, prompting consumers in these markets to buy physical gold, which is seen as a haven in times of tumult according to CNBC.

Gold Bullion at London Dealers

Gold bars and coins are displayed at bullion dealers Goldcore, in London, U.K., on Thursday, March 11, 2010. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

LBMA Gold Prices

14 Mar: USD 1,256.55, EUR 1,130.24 and GBP 875.89 per ounce

11 Mar: USD 1,262.25, EUR 1,136.50 and GBP 883.03 per ounce

10 Mar: USD 1,247.25, EUR 1,137.04 and GBP 876.67 per ounce

09 Mar: USD 1,258.25, EUR 1,146.69  and GBP 884.16 per ounce

08 Mar: USD 1,274.10, EUR 1,155.69 and GBP 894.35 per ounce

Gold News and Commentary

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