Perth Mint gold coins see sales double on month in September

Perth Mint silver bullion coin sales surge 78% in September

Perth Mint sold 46,415 ounces of gold in September

Nearly six times more gold coins sold at Perth Mint than U.S. Mint in September

Sales surge at Perth Mint from low base; could indicate trend change and higher demand in coming months

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The Perth Mint’s sales of gold productsdoubled in September from a month earlier, while silver salessurged 78 percent, the mint said in a blog post on its websiteon Tuesday.

Sales of gold coins and minted bars jumped to 46,415 ouncesin September from 23,130 ounces a month ago, the mint said.

Silver sales during the month also rose to 697,849 ounces,compared with 392,091 ounces in August.

The Perth Mint refines more than 90 percent of newly-minedgold in Australia, the world’s No. 2 gold producer after China.

Spot gold prices recorded their biggest monthly drop for the year in September, pressured by the strength of the U.S.dollar amid increasing prospects of a December interest ratehike by the Federal Reserve.


September Perth Mint gold coins sales topped U.S. Mint one ounce American Gold Eagle sales of 8,000 ounces by nearly six fold.

Perth Mint gold sales topped the U.S. Mint gold sales for the seventh month in a row.

Gold sales at the Perth Mint in September 2017 were down 21% from September 2016 sales of 58,811 ounces.

Perth Mint gold sales were up 101% in September from 23,130 ounces sold in August.

Sales of American Gold Eagles at the U.S. Mint in September 2017 were at a seventeen year low.

We will cover this in more depth tomorrow and compare and analyse the sharp increase in Perth Mint gold coin and silver coin demand with the still very low US Mint demand.

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

09 Oct: USD 1,282.15, GBP 976.23 & EUR 1,092.01 per ounce

06 Oct: USD 1,268.20, GBP 970.43 & EUR 1,083.93 per ounce

05 Oct: USD 1,278.40, GBP 969.28 & EUR 1,086.51 per ounce

04 Oct: USD 1,275.55, GBP 960.87 & EUR 1,085.11 per ounce

03 Oct: USD 1,270.70, GBP 959.00 & EUR 1,081.87 per ounce

02 Oct: USD 1,273.10, GBP 956.48 & EUR 1,084.55 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

09 Oct: USD 16.92, GBP 12.86 & EUR 14.41 per ounce

06 Oct: USD 16.63, GBP 12.73 & EUR 14.20 per ounce

05 Oct: USD 16.66, GBP 12.64 & EUR 14.19 per ounce

04 Oct: USD 16.83, GBP 12.67 & EUR 14.29 per ounce

03 Oct: USD 16.61, GBP 12.53 & EUR 14.13 per ounce

02 Oct: USD 16.58, GBP 12.46 & EUR 14.12 per ounce

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