Mandalay Resources’ (TSX:MND) share price fell 2.99 percent on Monday (October 2) afteritplacedits Chile-based Cerro Bayooperations on care and maintenance.

Cerro Bayoconsists ofmultiple underground silver-gold mines, and output was suspended on June 9 after the Delia NW vein flooded andtwo miners went missing. On June 27,Mandalay announcedthatefforts to search and locate the two minershad been unsuccessful and said it had ruled out the possibility of finding them alive.

Three days later, the firm’s subsidiary, Compania Minera Cerro Bayo, gave notice of force majeure toCerro Bayo’s primary customers, suppliers and contractors.Once under forcemajeure,Mandalay’scontractual obligationsto those parties were suspended.

Now that Cerro Bayo is on care and maintenance,Mandalay will substantially reduce its workforce in order to preserve financial capital. That capital will be used to restart operations once the company has the necessary permits and is convinceda restart can be accomplishedsafely.

The remaining workers will, support the completion of the third party investigation and risk assessment for safely resuming underground mining in the Laguna Verde area, which contains more than 70 percent of the current reserves, the company said in a press release

Cerro Bayo produced about 14,000ounces of gold and 1.7 millionounces of silver in 2016. The company expected to produce 1.2 to 1.7 millionounces silver and 12,000 to 16,000 ounces of goldat Cerro Bayo in 2017, according to full-year guidance released in February.

Revised guidanceput out in Augustassumes that the mine will be suspended for the balance of the year, andcaps 2017 output at 0.8 millionounces of silver and 5,900 of ounces gold. Atechnical investigation and risk assessment ofCerro Bayo’sLaguna Verde area is expected to be released in Q4 2017.

We are committed to safe mining at Cerro Bayo and delivering the value this operation can create for employees through well-paid jobs; for the community through the purchase of goods and services from local businesses; for Chilean local and national governments throu