‘Fear and Loathing In the Age of QE … AI’ is a presentation given at Mining Investment London earlier this week.

Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore presentation (28 minutes) was well received at the conference which is a strategic mining and investment conference for leaders in the mining and investment sectors, bringing together attendees from 20 countries.

Key topics in the video:

– A bullion dealers view on ‘What will drive the markets in 2018?’

– QE, inflation, Fed rates, debt bomb, China, populism, EU cohesion, Brexit, digital disruption, cashless society, demographics, Trump (war), Artificial intelligence (AI)

– Solve global debt crisis with humongous amount of debt!?

– Inflation – U.S. health insurance has increased 13% per annum since

– How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the “big one,” likely be massively disruptive

– Trump: ‘No respect, no capacity, no strategy’

– Brexit and EU – ‘Poor outlook’ for Europe and euro doomed?

– “We are getting older and getting fatter” …  “less useful & less fair”

– “We live in uncertain times … there is no map”

– Gold’s excellent c.10% per annum performance over long term (see table)

– Low cost gold = Low “utility” gold

– Avoid “single point of failure”

‘Fear and Loathing In the Age of QE … AI’ can be watched on Youtube here

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