Many investors are concerned about the state of the global economy, but CPM Group\’s Jeffrey Christian has a different perspective. While he certainly believes the global economy is facing problems, he doesn\’t see them as “cataclysmic.”

That\’s not the best news for precious metals like gold and silver, which tend to fare well in times of turmoil. However, that doesn\’t mean all hope is lost for those metals in 2016. In fact, Christian believes prices for both gold and silver may have bottomed out. “We think that gold and silver probably have fallen pretty much as low as they will, and we\’re looking for them to bounce along the bottom and then start to rise later this year,” he said.

Other key topics covered in this Vancouver Resource Investment Conference video include:

  • The possibility of a recession: “I think we will see a recession at some point — but it may well be 2018 or 2019 before we see it,” said Christian.
  • The concept of peak debt: “I don\’t believe in peaks — I didn\’t believe in peak oil, I don\’t believe in peak gold or copper, and I don\’t believe in peak debt,” Christian asserted.
  • Lack of exploration spending: Christian\’s opinion is that “we are shortchanging the future.”

Watch the interview above for more insight on those topics, and to learn what commodities CPM Group is bullish on in 2016. And don\’t forget to keep an eye out for more video interviews from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.


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