Is The Gold Price Going To $10,000? (Goldnomics Podcast 3)

In the third Goldnomics podcast, we consider whether the gold price will reach $10,000 per ounce in the coming years and what factors will drive prices?

As the “Everything Bubble” continues to inflate, higher gold prices appear to be on the horizon. Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore and Mark O’Byrne, Research Director and world renowned precious metals analyst discuss the outlook for the gold price with Dave Russell.

What will drive the gold price to new record highs over the coming months and years? We look at the dangerous developments in monetary policies. macro-economics and geo-political tensions that make an allocation to physical gold prudent for both investors and those with pensions.

Cutting through the financial markets jargon and looking at the risks to your investment portfolio that aren’t spoken about by most financial experts.

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Listen to the full episode or skip directly to one of the following discussion points:

1:07 Is the gold price going to $10,000 and when?

3:58 The 5 major driving factors that will be the key to driving gold prices higher.

4:39 What impact and influence will monetary policy play?

5:50 Why the debt to GDP ratio is crippling economies.

6:22 The dangerous trend that began with LTCM being bailed out by Wall Street.

6:55 Why you are now the lender of last resort for the banking system!

7:18 The little known fact that we are now in an era of bail-ins rather than bail-outs and what this means for your savings.

8:28 How bail-ins will impact small businesses and everyone that they employ.

10:05 Why “money in the bank”, is no longer “as safe as houses”!

10:39 How the old wisdom of “Cash is King”, can quickly become; “Cash is Trash”!

12:08 How governments have snuck in the highly controversial bail-in laws under the radar.

14:01 Why SMEs need to start to manage their exposure to banks just like large corporations.

14:58 Why high-net-worth individuals and those that manage family money need to manage their exposure to the banking system, just like large corporations.

15:05 Why higher interest rates are good for gold!

16:25 The interest rate environment that is not good for gold.

18:18 The ongoing effect of quantitative easing and how it’s artificially inflating all asset prices.