In Gold we Trust Report: Bull Market Will Continue

The11th edition of the annual In Gold we Trust is another must read synopsis of the fundamentals of the gold market, replete with excellent charts by our friend Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and his colleagueMark Valek of Incrementum AG.

Key topics and takeaways of the report:

Sell economic ignorance, buy gold

Many signals suggest that we are about to face a big shift within the financial and monetary system

5 reasons why the gold bull market will continue

Gold’s gains in 2016 dampened due to high expectations of Trump’s growth policy

Gold still up 8.5% in 2016 and 10.2% since January 2017

Attempt at normalization of U.S. monetary policy will be litmus test for US economy

Bitcoin: Digital gold or fool’s gold?

White, Gray and Black Swans and consequences for gold price

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Judy Shelton (Economic advisor to Donald Trump) about a possible remonetisation of gold

Prudent investors should consider accumulating gold and gold stocks nowdue to excessive global debt, the gradual reduction of the U.S. dollar’s importance as a global reserve currency and thehigh probability that the U.S. is close to entering a recession

It is a case of better having insurance and not needing it, than one day realizing that one needs it but doesn’t have it

We live in an age of advanced monetary surrealism.

Researchcan be downloadedhere:

In Gold we Trust Extended version (169 pages)

In Gold we Trust Compact version (29 pages)

News andCommentary

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Palladium’s Constrained Supply. Source: Johnson Matthey & CPM Group via Macrotourist

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