CDN Weekly, Supplement, Quarterlies, Bluesheet & Goldsheet to merge into single “Monthly Greysheet” starting May 2018

After 55 years, CDN is making a BOLD move. We’re merging all our award-winning coin publications into a SINGLE “Monthly Greysheet” edition.

Everyone wins!  Every month, subscribers will get:

  1. All the pricing from all of our coin sheets in a single large-format tabloid
  2. Added price columns in nearly EVERY series
  3. Every one gets BLUESHEET pricing
  4. Every one gets CAC pricing
  5. Every one gets GOLDSHEET (modern China) pricing
  6. Quarterly series will be updated EVERY month
  7. All subscribers to the “Monthly Greysheet” will get access to wholesale pricing online and on our popular iOS & Android apps (spot-related pricing like Eagles and generic gold issues will soon be updated in REAL TIME!)

Why are we changing format?

There are several important reasons for this change, including:

  1. Popular demand. Readers can’t keep up with all the different publications
  2. Confusion. There are too many publications issued at varying times for new subscribers to understand.
  3. Space. We’ve simply run out of space to publish all the new prices we’ve added in the last two years. Recently, we added Colonials and Territorial gold, but we don’t have space to publish all the prices. Also, we can’t fit all the grades we price.
  4. Frequency. Readers want to see early and Liberty gold coins priced more often than once every three months.

How will this effect existing subscribers?

If you are a current CDN Greysheet subscriber, you will be automatically be subscribed to the new “Monthly Greysheet” with the same number of months remaining on your subscription. You will get an email soon with specific information regarding your subscription. (Note: there is no change to Greensheet publication or subscriptions.)


Don’t miss the launch of our exciting new publication, which is sure to be a must-have for all coin dealers. The new “Monthly Greysheet” will replace all these other sheets, starting May 1!

Our new subscription rates for MONTHLY GREYSHEET are as follows:

Annual Billing: $249 (print); $199 (PDF); $349 (both)

Monthly Billing: $22 (print); $18 (PDF); $30 (both)

Call 757-656-1055 today and ask for 10% off!