– Hedge funds have taken a record net-long silver position – CFTC data shows

– Precious metal surges 26% in 2016 on Fed, industrial & investment demand

– Cumulative global silver bullion deficit surges on revised data


Hedge Funds Keep Betting On Silver (Bloomberg)

Gold up for 2nd day on China data, weaker stock markets (Reuters)

North American appetite for platinum jewelry flourishes (Reuters)

China goes cold on platinum jewelry, crimping world demand (Reuters)

Gold Caps Weekly Loss as U.S. Sales Gain Curbs Haven Demand (Bloomberg)

Global Silver Supply Deficit Surges On Revised Data (Silver Seek)

Financial Repression and “The Age of Stagnation” – Satyajit Das (FRA)

There is a global war against gold: Prof. Antal Fekete (Barba)

Middle class takes financial hit in most US cities this century (Fintech News)

Zimbabwe’s trillion-dollar note: from worthless paper to hot investment (Guardian)

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Gold Prices (LBMA)

16 May: USD 1,281.00, EUR 1,132.04 and GBP 892.87 per ounce

13 May: USD 1,275.15, EUR 1,123.51 and GBP 885.16 per ounce

12 May: USD 1,268.30, EUR 1,111.30 and GBP 878.28 per ounce

11 May: USD 1,271.80, EUR 1,116.19 and GBP 882.45 per ounce

10 May: USD 1,264.85, EUR 1,111.04 and GBP 875.90 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

16 May: USD 17.32, EUR 15.30 and GBP 12.07 per ounce

13 May: USD 17.09, EUR 15.06 and GBP 11.85 per ounce

12 May: USD 17.23, EUR 15.12 and GBP 11.91 per ounce

11 May: USD 17.51, EUR 15.36 and GBP 12.14 per ounce

10 May: USD 17.04, EUR 15.00 and GBP 11.82 per ounce

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