In our constant effort to improve Greysheet pricing for our readers, we’ve been feverishly working to add pricing in grades not yet covered. This week we added Greysheet prices for MS68 classic commems, and MS66 CAC-graded 20th century gold issues (presented on the Bluehseet). Space is truly limited in our current format, but you will also find added prices for MS64-65 BN Indian cents and MS64-65 BN & RB Lincoln cents to complement the other prices for these series. In the February Monthly Supplement you will see additions for 3-cent pieces in MS66 & PR66. Some of these values may not relate to you, but our readers cover the entire range of market and we won’t rest until our coverage is comprehensive.



Morgan & Peace Dollars:

We’ve noted general softness of the mint state non-CAC Morgans and Peace dollar series this week as these series continue to under perform at auction, and on the bidding exchanges. Rarities like the 1893-S in mint state, and the 1895 proof continue to show strength and are in demand. Time will tell if this is a true buying opportunity.

Gold Type:

With gold flat over the week, generics stay largely the same, with the exception of high-end CAC gold. Several bidders have emerged on CDN Exchange and levels are pushing up for MS66-67 type coins. Clearly there are more buyers for these than sellers at the moment.


CAC 20th Century Gold:

By popular demand we’ve added values for MS66 Indian and St. Gaudens gold. While quite pricey, this area has been a leader in market growth lately.

Buffalo Nickels:

We’ve adjusted Buffalos in Bluesheet based on recent performance at the FUN auction. A lot of movement here with gains noted on the key 1916 doubled die and 1926-S issues.

Peace Dollars:

Nearly every date was affected in our review this week. Please take note.

Gold Commemoratives:

A good number of price changes this week as we review this short series. The $50 slugs remain popular and in demand.

New pricing added this week in Greysheet: MS68 for Silver Commemoratives. New in Bluesheet: MS66 CAC Prices for 20th Century Gold. More grades can be found for all series at: