Although there is no major show between now and the 2018 FUN Show in Tampa, Florida, there is certainly no shortage of auction activity. Heritage is holding a Signature sale this week in Dallas, with nearly 2,800 lots spread across four sessions. The Heritage sale is led by a selection of better-date gold including coins from the ever-popular Carson City mint. Included in this group is a PCGS/CAC AU53 1875-CC $10, a PCGS AU55 1879-CC $20, an NGC MS61 1882-CC $20, and a PCGS AU55 1878-CC $20. The leading type coin available in the auction is an 1805 Draped Bust dimes, 4 Berries, certified PCGS/CAC MS66+.

Following that up is Legend’s Regency XXIV sale held in Las Vegas consisting of just under 400 lots. The top pre-sale lot in the Legend auction is a 1795 Flowing Hair half dollar graded PCGS MS62 from Newman Collection. There have not been very many ex-Newman coins to come back onto the market since their initial sale, and this example brought $129,250 when it was first offered. Another interesting lot is the AMG Collection of proof Barber dimes. All of the coins in the set grade at least PR66, and 14 of the coins are Cameo. Proof Barber coinage in general has been relatively soft for more than a year, and the mintage-to-value ratio of these coins make them attractive long term holds. While building a set one by one is one of the joys of coin collecting, the opportunity to acquire a complete set in one shot is ideal for a collector/investor looking to enter the rare coin market. If one takes the time, studying a completed tailor-made set put together by professional numismatists can be quite educational to a novice.


Gold Type:

Despite the erratic behavior of the gold spot price recently, we continue to see active bidding in this market segment. $5 and $10 Indians are among the most active, with Type 3 $20 Libs popular as well. This increased liquidity is relieving some pressure of the excess supply of generic gold coinage.


Proof American Silver Eagles are bid slightly higher this week, and it seems the lows that held the previous few months are in the rear view mirror.

Modern Commemoratives:

We have adjusted the prices on many silver dollar commems this week. This is a difficult series to price due to lack of reliable bids, but we are aware that many issues were trading well back of our previous bid prices. Please send feedback to editor@greysheet.com.