This month’s rotation of Quarterly III and the Monthly Supplement includes a continuation of our effort to expand the number of grades that we price in multiple series, in addition to a brand new series found in Quarterly III. Also in March we will be publishing the second issue of our new CPG® Coin & Currency Market Review.


20th Century Gold:

The recent volatile movement of the gold spot price has led to a slowdown in the trading of generic certified gold, with traders hesitant to take a position with no clear trends going forward. Non-generic dates are mostly stable and accurately graded coins are easily sold in this market.

Standing Liberty Quarters:

Prices for coins at the MS63 Full Head grade level can now be found in our online price guide and mobile app.

Washington Quarters:

Higher bids for some of the early dates in circulated grades to report this month.

Barber Quarters:

Uncirculated coins of this series are lower than they have been in a long time, with common date MS63 pieces now bid at $275. Gem coins, however, get a small boost in price.


We have added prices for Territorial Gold coinage for the first time ever in this month’s issue. While a niche series, they are an important piece of American numismatics and have long been admired for their connection to the Gold Rush and the history of the western United States. As mentioned in our cover article in that newsletter, we have more prices that we have space to print them, so please visit our online price guide,, to view the full list.

$5 Liberties:

We continue to fine tune the prices of the recently added grades for this series, because that is where much of the action is. Many of the C, D, and O mint coins trade in Extra Fine and About Uncirculated and we are keen to reflect the most recent price information.

$20 Liberties:

Extensive price updates for this active series. In Type One and Type Two, the activity is mostly positive, especially in the mint state grades. The low mintage dates are eagerly snapped up by collectors in all grades. Type Three $20s are more mixed, with numerous later dates coming under pressure because of increased supply.