20th Century Gold:

This page looks a bit different this month, as previously announced we have moved that CAC pricing to the Bluesheet. We have restored the prices for proof coinage in its place. Positive movement can be found particularly in $2 and $5 Indians due to active dealer bidding on the trading networks. This is the type of dealer support that has been needed for these types. Meanwhile double eagles in the grades of MS63 and below continue to trade at very low premiums to their melt value and consequently move with the gold spot price. We also have updates to the CAC pricing for Saints which again can be found in the Bluesheet. As a reminder, all pricing can be found together via the CDN Pricing App.

Flying Eagle & Indian Cents:

There is a fair amount of dealer bidding support for this series which is reflected by a solid amount of plus of signs this month. While we are happy to see dealer bids, we do check them against recent sales of the coin that is being bid on. Most of the time the bids are very near what the coins have been selling at auction, within an expected variance. However, when a dealer bid is substantially over what recent coins have traded for, we are forced to question the bid. While we understand that some coins in auction may not meet a sight-seen standard, if (for example) five coins sell well below a dealer bid level we will reach out and attempt to understand why the dealer did not buy any of those coins.

Lincoln Cents:

Positive activity in the MS63RB and MS64RD grades in this series. Look for upcoming online-only expanded pricing for this popular series including MS64BN and MS65BN.

Walking Liberty Halves:

The key dates of this series continue to perform well, including in the circulated grades.


Early Halves:

These types are a mixed bag, with a handful of better dates showing slight price increases, while later date Capped Bust pieces slide in mint state. The high variance in eye appeal can make individual coins jump way up in price, however the overall trend is downward.

$2 Liberties:

While this long series is largely stable, some of the earlier branch mint better dates show a little bit of softness. In our observance there has been a higher amount of southern branch-mint gold appearing in auction as compared to earlier years.


NGC Prices:

Increased dealer bidding activity on CDN Exchange for sight-unseen NGC coins has lifted prices.

CAC Prices

continue to lead the market gainers as demand generally exceeds the limited supply of available material.

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