Gold Up 2.3%, Silver 5.3% In Week Gundlach, Gartman and Dalio Positive On Gold

Gold is up 2.3% this week and silver has surged nearly 5.3% as stocks sell off on geopolitical risk

Billionaire fund managers and commodities experts increasingly positive on gold

Risks are rising, and everybody should put 5% to 10% of their assets in gold Dalio

Dalio’s Bridgewater, world’s largest hedge fund, warned clients that geopolitical risks arerising

‘Gold is about break out on the upside strongly’ commodities expert Gartman

Gartman believes right now investors should have 10% to 15% allocation to gold

The stock market looks a little vulnerable. The geopolitical circumstances are getting worse and worse Gartman

Run up in gold prices is far from over due to economic risks Gartman

Gold’s chart has ‘one of the most bullish’ patterns Billionaire bond guru Gundlach

Gold up 6.3% and silver 8.2% in 30 days and look on verge of major move higher

Market Performance One Week (Finviz)

Gold in USD 30 Days

Gold in USD 30 Days

See below forBusiness Insider UK article on Gundlach, CNBC article on Gartman and Business Insider on Dalio’s views on gold

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