Gold and silver’s fundamentals look good and the rally in bullion and gold stocks may have durability points out Frank Holmes of U.S. Funds writing in Gold Seek today.

In his weekly SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – of the precious metal markets, Holmes notes that:

Gold investors are on the longest buying spree in five years, reports Bloomberg, with holdings of the precious metal in exchange-traded funds expanding for 18 days in a row. BCA Research agrees that now is the time to buy gold stocks too, stating in a recent report that while gold has had several false starts in recent years, a number of factors suggest that the latest rally will have durability.

Gold Silver Ratio – Jan 2006 to Today – GoldCore

Silver may be ready to come out of gold’s shadow, reports Bloomberg, with mine supplies forecast to contract this year. According to Standard Chartered Plc., mine production of silver will probably drop in 2016 for the first time in over a decade and demand is set to outstrip supple for a fourth straight year. Assets in ETFs backed by silver also climbed to the highest since September.

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Gold Prices (LBMA)

15 Mar: USD 1,233.60, EUR 1,112.56 and GBP 870.71 per ounce

14 Mar: USD 1,256.55, EUR 1,130.24 and GBP 875.89 per ounce

11 Mar: USD 1,262.25, EUR 1,136.50 and GBP 883.03 per ounce

10 Mar: USD 1,247.25, EUR 1,137.04 and GBP 876.67 per ounce

09 Mar: USD 1,258.25, EUR 1,146.69 and GBP 884.16 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

15 Mar: USD 15.32, EUR 13.81 and GBP 10.82 per ounce

14 Mar: USD 15.60, EUR 14.04 and GBP 10.87 per ounce

11 Mar: USD 15.50, EUR 13.96 and GBP 10.84 per ounce

10 Mar: USD 15.27, EUR 13.92 and GBP 10.75 per ounce

09 Mar: USD 15.27, EUR 13.92 and GBP 10.74 per ounce

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