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Gold hits near six-week highs ahead of Fed, Brexit vote (GoldCore via Reuters)

Gold gains ground for 5th straight session (GoldCore via Marketwatch)
Gold Holds Near Five-Week High as Brexit Concerns Spur Demand (Bloomberg)
Exclusive – ECB would pledge to backstop markets after a Brexit (Reuters)
NATO to send troops to deter Russia, Putin orders snap checks (Reuters)

Watch Gold Jump To $1,400 If U.K. Votes To Brexit (Marketwatch)
The Case for Gold Is Stronger Than Ever (Ron Paul via Daily Reckoning)
Gold Futures – Market Manipulation or Legitimate Selling? (TF Metals Report)
Global Financial Stress Soars Most Since 2011 European Crisis (Zero Hedge)
Why Brexit May Be the Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back (Financial Sense)
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Recent Market Updates
– If BREXIT Happens – “Gold Will Be The World’s Strongest Currency”
– UK Gold Demand Rises On BREXIT “Nerves”
 Pensions Timebomb in “Slow Motion Detonation” In UK, EU, U.S.
– Silver – Perfect Storm Brewing in the Market
– Martin Wolf: There Will Be Another “Huge” Financial Crisis

– Silver Price To Surge 800% on Global Industrial and Technological Demand

– BREXIT Gold Diversification As Vote Fuels Market Uncertainty
– Gold Forecasts Revised Higher – Citi Says “Buy the Dip”
– World’s Largest Asset Manager Suggests “Perfect Time” For Gold

Gold Prices (LBMA AM)
15 June: USD 1,282.00, EUR 1,141.49 and GBP 903.04 per ounce
14 June: USD 1,279.40, EUR 1,140.84 and GBP 904.79 per ounce
13 June: USD 1,284.10, EUR 1,139.25 and GBP 909.27 per ounce
10 June: USD 1,266.60, EUR 1,121.07 and GBP 876.87 per ounce
09 June: USD 1,258.35, EUR 1,107.98 and GBP 870.53 per ounce
08 June: USD 1,252.40, EUR 1,101.61 and GBP 851.65 per ounce
07 June: USD 1,241.10, EUR 1,091.42 and GBP 851.02 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)
15 June: USD 17.41, EUR 15.51 and GBP 12.26 per ounce
14 June: USD 17.25, EUR 15.37 and GBP 12.17 per ounce
13 June: USD 17.32, EUR 15.37 and GBP 12.23 per ounce
10 June: USD 17.32, EUR 15.33 and GBP 12.01 per ounce
09 June: USD 17.05, EUR 15.03 and GBP 11.79 per ounce
08 June: USD 16.75, EUR 14.73 and GBP 11.50 per ounce
07 June: USD 16.31, EUR 14.36 and GBP 11.18 per ounce



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