Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert have interviewed Jan Skoyles to discuss how gold is the “Kardashian of Commodities” and “future-proofing your portfolio with gold”.

Topics covered are

  • Double Down asks Jan Skoyles, of, if there is enough gold in the world to hedge against a President Trump
  • U.S. Election – Trump and Clinton most hated Presidential candidates in history
  • Goldman Sachs says that gold is a ‘good hedge against politicians’
  • Skoyles says that, in the West, gold is considered ‘the Kardashian of commodities,’ something not taken seriously as an investment – until the likes of Goldman Sachs says it might be so
  • Dubai and Middle East is “environment where people automatically understand gold”
  • Gold reaching new highs in Russian rubles and South African rand and close to new highs in pounds sterling
  • UK media do not cover gold and gold price in sterling so people do not understand
  • Keiser and Herbert point out how gold has value because people believe it has value
  • BBC Newsnight studio has “religious moment” when people are drawn to gold bullion
  • How gold will protect from bail-ins
  • The importance of having outright legal owership and being able to take delivery of individual coins and bars

Listen to interview here

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