Go for Gold Win a beautiful Gold Sovereign coin

The Irish Times has teamed up with GoldCore, Ireland’s first and leading gold broker, to offer you the chance to win a beautiful, freshly minted Gold Sovereign coin (2017) which contains nearly one quarter of an ounce of gold and is ‘investment grade’ 22 carat pure gold.

Gold Sovereigns can be bought for insured delivery or in ultra secure vaults and remain one of the safest ways for investors and savers to diversify into gold. They are tax free (no VAT) highly liquid stores of value in these uncertain times. They are capital gains tax (CGT) free in the UK. Gold Sovereigns also make great gifts and are a good way to pass on wealth to the next generation.

To be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize, answer a simple question here:

News andCommentary

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

23 Jun: USD 1,256.30, GBP 987.70 & EUR 1,125.27 per ounce

22 Jun: USD 1,251.40, GBP 988.36 & EUR 1,120.13 per ounce

21 Jun: USD 1,247.05, GBP 989.04 & EUR 1,118.98 per ounce

20 Jun: USD 1,246.50, GBP 981.99 & EUR 1,117.24 per ounce

19 Jun: USD 1,251.10, GBP 976.86 & EUR 1,117.73 per ounce

16 Jun: USD 1,256.60, GBP 984.04 & EUR 1,124.03 per ounce

15 Jun: USD 1,260.25, GBP 992.57 & EUR 1,127.67 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

23 Jun: USD 16.71, GBP 13.12 & EUR 14.97 per ounce

22 Jun: USD 16.58, GBP 13.09 & EUR 14.85 per ounce

21 Jun: USD 16.51, GBP 13.03 & EUR 14.81 per ounce

20 Jun: USD 16.59, GBP 13.10 & EUR 14.88 per ounce

19 Jun: USD 16.67, GBP 13.02 & EUR 14.87 per ounce

16 Jun: USD 16.76, GBP 13.11 & EUR 14.99 per ounce

15 Jun: USD 16.86, GBP 13.19 & EUR 15.10 per ounce

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