One of the most powerful tools available to assist one in creating a better life is a treasure map. The finished product will be a piece of cardboard filled with pictures and perhaps some words and phrases. Don’t be misled by the simple arts and crafts nature of this, the act of putting together a treasure map can be a profound act of creation.

Now, the first step is to find your baseball bats. You can use vintage buing baseball cards Floral City bats that you have collected for this project or even new baseball bats. You can find great baseball bats at Wal-Mart, Target, and almost any sporting goods store. I find them from as little as $5 of the cheap ones all the way to $50 for the collector’s addition.

No one goes to a junk yard to buy a Roles Royce. You work hard to drive traffic to your site. When people get there, you use your site to bring those people to a call for action which should be to purchase not run for the nearest exit. I forget who said it but it is very true; your website should be a theme park not a shopping mall. Don’t try to best selling baseball cards and dog food in the same place. If you have multiple interests, create multiple websites.

Many people won’t believe ad copy. For years, advertising has been misleading. To counteract this, you need to back up anything that you publish online with provable facts. Use reviews, progress pictures, testimonials, and test reports. Be honest about your products, any affiliates and industry information. You should be respectful of your customers and Vintage baseball cards provide them with quality content. Do not be tempted to take advantage of a customer. You will get a great reputation and gain customers to do business with for a long time.

We all had one. Usually a one speed, balloon tire model (most commonly a Columbia or Schwinn.) Where to go mattered less than to be able to go somewhere. Alone or with one or two other friends, neighborhoods were found and explored that we might have not otherwise have been aware of. No particular destination was required. The joy was in the riding itself.

Now you need to decide what to sell on eBay. I started off selling baseball cards. You need to find something around the house that you don’t want anymore but that someone else will find valuable. Don’t try to sell something that looks bad and that no one will want. You want to sell your first item and get positive feedback so don’t try to push junk onto someone else.

Then, it is a game for everyone. For all ages, any status, from all walks of life: there is no discrimination or prerequisites. A son, a father or a grandfather and all the others between and all family sides can enjoy it at the same time, in the same stadium, for the same reasons. It makes for great bonding, not only for family members but for friends, neighbors and even strangers.

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