A few weeks ago, my husband asked me if I had any old jewelry I didn’t want anymore. He told me he had seen an advertisement on television for a company who would take jewelry or other precious metals and send you cash in return.

I never believe any investment is risk free. There is no such thing – and that includes bank notes, Treasury Bills, cash deposits, ‘guaranteed’ capital bonds, and gold – in any form. But I do think the risks on BullionVault are exceptionally small and transparent – and I think offshore stored gold is, right now, very much safer than the benchmark of safety – the Treasury Bill – primarily because of inflation risks.

It might be either, whichever is offering you the cheaper gold. BullionVault lets all owners of gold offer it to new buyers on BullionVault’s public order board at the price of their choice, and you get the cheapest available – automatically. We are competing with 36,000 users to offer you gold at the best possible gold. So you might be buying from anyone, but whoever owns the gold they have never touched it. Only Good Delivery gold bought originally from professional dealers on the London market, and held permanently in accredited vaults, is allowed into BullionVault.

I loved Norm. He was not only a friend from church but also a neighbor. He was born in Scotland and even had a kilt. He was raised in Chicago and was rough around the edges. I really related to Norm. His wife Annie and he looked alike but were as different as day and night. She is a pacifist and a Democrat. He was a Republican and a veteran of the Marines. She is very perfectionist and prim. Norm was a slob with papers everywhere in his “>coin shop Walkertown

There are many more ways to go treasure hunting. I used to take the old telegraph pole insulators form along train tracks, to sell for $4 each at an antique store. They were otherwise being shot to pieces by hunters over the years. The colored glass ones are usually the more valuable ones.

This low-tech coin collecting method is not fancy but it will get you started finding coins worth collecting without a lot of trouble. If you find coin collecting enjoyable and decide to keep going it will be time well spent.