When I’m asked if you can buy rare American coins, world gold coins, silver eagles, or bullion coins with a credit card, the simple answer is “yes”. But there are only certain dealers or venues that will accept your card. So, it is possible to buy coins with a charge card, if you shop at the places which accept them.

US wires are sent domestically to our US collections account at Bank of America in New York. Depending on your bank it costs about $30 for same day funds. The international wire is done automatically from Bank of America to us in London, and at our expense, so US users don’t have to concern themselves with it. They are paying for a normal domestic wire transfer. If they choose checks or billpay the transfer is free, but it takes longer to arrive.

Once you are confident with the coin grading process, the next step should be to see what an actual expert has to say about the old coin value. You can usually get a good opinion by visiting your local “>coin shop Tobaccoville

None whatsoever. If you introduce credit in this way you introduce the prospect of default. There are plenty of alternate mechanisms for buying gold with leverage and credit, but in the interest of absolute financial safety we choose to be different.

Now I really understand the phrase “Caveat Emptor”. While my husband and I laugh at our mistake, I would hate for someone else to waste their time or their fair amount of money following in our footsteps. I can only hope that our experience will serve as a warning to others not to believe everything you see, and that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.