Castle Silver Resources (TSXV:CSR) was profiled by Stock Syndicate, who wrote about the company’s flagship project, Castle Silver, in Ontario, Canada.

As quoted in the article:

This story screams two things. Grade and a proper team running the show. Had these properties stayed within the Granada portfolio, Basa and his shareholders would have seen little value on the market cap for their upside potential due in part to a challenging share structure at GGM.V, and mostly from a keen focus on sorting out the economic studies, permits and mill for their Granada mine.

Basa did something unusual with the spin out shares from Castle back to Granada. When Granada receives roughly 10 mill shares of CSR in tranches over four years in exchange for the cobalt/silver project portfolio, Granada is dividending the shares directly to their shareholders. He has incredible allegiance for loyal shareholders: stick with him, you will see the rewards. If you buy Granada now, you will see your dividend of CSR shares down the road.

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