Compaia de Minas Buenaventura (Buenaventura or the Company) (NYSE: BVN; Lima Stock Exchange: BUE.LM), Peru’s largest publicly-traded precious metals mining company, today announced that Buenaventura’s Uchucchacua mine has resumed operations.

As was previously reported, a task force (mesa de trabajo) was established on November 3, 2017 by the Office of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Energy and Mines with the participation of other public offices, including representatives from the Prime Minister’s office, in order to end the conflict to resume negotiations.

The Oyon community has therefore honored its commitment to remove its roadblock, which was preventing Buenaventura’s team from entering the Uchucchacua Mine site.

Normal operations at Uchucchacua resumed on November 4 2017.

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