Bitcoin and Crypto Prices Being Manipulated Like Precious Metals? – FSN Interview GoldCore

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Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network (FSN) interviewed GoldCore’s Mark O’Byrne about the outlook for crypto currencies, financial markets and precious metals.

– Are bitcoin and crypto prices being manipulated like precious metals?

– Is there a coordinated backlash against bitcoin from JPM and powerful interests?

– 95% of cryptocurrencies and ICOs will likely go to zero

– Good cryptos will thrive, most will disappear in “massive creative destruction”

– Ponzi like nature of financial markets and fiat monetary system

– Fundamentals do not justify the massive gains in US stocks in recent years (near parabolic rise of over 300% in the S&P 500 since 2009)

– Is Plunge Protection Team (PPT) active in supporting markets?

– Retail investors including millennials piling into markets near top

– Smart money is reducing allocations to stocks and bonds; diversifying into gold

– Bitcoin is just nine years old and not proven store of value

– Gold proven store of value as seen in data, history and experience

– Gold backed crypto, crypto bullion, “digital gold” and “gold on the blockchain” has huge potential

– Perth Mint, Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, LBMA and many others looking at blockchain

– Important blockchain solutions have full backing, transparency, security, stop the fraud and have customers interest at heart

– Important to own hard assets including physical gold and silver outside our digital financial and banking systems

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