Arizona Mining (TSX:AZ) has released the results of seven exploration drill holes from its current program on the Taylor zinc-lead-silver sulphide deposit located on its 100-per-cent-owned Hermosa project in Santa Cruz county, Arizona. This brings the total number of drill holes reported in the 2016-2017 program to fifty-three (53).

HDS-397 is a near vertical hole (-88 degrees) drilled to infill an area in the northwest of the previously reported resource area. HDS-397 intersected two (2) mineralized veins in the volcanics and eight (8) distinct mineralized CRD horizons with a total cumulative mineralized thickness of 453.5 feet. Several mineralized zones were intersected in the drill hole including:

62 feet assaying 6.5% zinc, 15.1% lead and 9.4 ounces per ton (“opt”) silver

– Including a 16 foot zone which assayed 10.7% zinc, 42.9% lead and 29.6 opt silver 222 feet assaying 5.9% zinc, 4.9% lead and 1.4 opt. silver

– Including a 107 foot zone which assayed 9.8% zinc, 8.0% lead and 2.3 opt silver

HDS-398 is a vertical drill hole located on the northeast margin of the previously reported mineral resource. The drill hole encountered ten (10) distinct CRD mineralized horizons with a cumulative thickness of 222.5 feet. Most notable among the mineralized horizons includes:

38.5 feet assaying 9.2% zinc, 5.4% lead and 3.9 opt. silver 51 feet assaying 8.9% zinc, 9.3% lead and 4.5 opt. silver

– Including a 17.5 foot zone which assayed 19.7% zinc, 22.4% lead and 11.4 opt silver 50 feet assaying 2.4% zinc, 5.5% lead and 2.0 opt. silver

– Including a 23.5 foot zone which assayed 4.4% zinc, 9.81% lead and 3.6 opt silver

HDS-400 is a vertical infill drill hole that intersected eight (8) CRD horizons with a cumulative thickness of 144.5 feet. The best interval in the drill hole was:

40.5 feet assaying 3.8% zinc, 4.2% lead and 1.7 opt silver

– Including a 9.5 foot zone which assayed 10.8% zinc, 11.3% lead and 5.4 opt silver

For a full list of the vein and CRD mineralized intervals from these holes and the remaining 4 holes (HDS-384, HDS-388, HDS-390 and HDS-392) please refer to Table I below.

CEO Jim Gowans commented: “The latest drill results indicate good continuity with respect to thickness and grade within the resource area and exploration drilling continues to provide good potential for expansion of the resource.”

Table I. ASSAY SUMMARIES FOR HDS-384, HDS-388, HDS-390, HDS-392, HDS-397, HDS-398 & HDS-400
From To Interval From To Interval Ag Pb Zn Cu
DH ID (feet) (feet) (in feet) (meters) (meters) (meters) opt % % %
HDS-384 988 1014.5 26.5 301.1 309.2 8.1 10.4