American CuMo Mining Corporation(TSXV:MLY) (CuMoCo or the Company)and its wholly-owned subsidiary Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC) co-hosted two local events to inform elected officials, decision-makers and community members of the latest developments regarding the CuMo Project in Boise County, Idaho. Despite inclement weather, both events were well-attended.

On Monday, September 18, approximately 30 representatives from local, county, state and federal government offices gathered at the historic Golden Age Mine property owned by ICMC to stage for a tour of the CuMo Project exploration. Shaun Dykes, President and CEO of ICMC, characterized the site as representative of the historic mining legacy celebrated for more than 150 years in Idaho.

Boise County has one of the richest mining legacies in the U.S., said Dykes. We are standing on a chapter in our history, but there are many chapters still to be written. Idaho CuMo wants to partner with this community to build a more sustainable future that is based on its legacy but driven by modern mining innovations.

Dykes provided an overview of the project from an overlook near the CuMo site. He described the ore body as the world’s largest molybdenum deposit of its type and in the top twenty-five silver deposits. ICMC has been exploring the deposit and gathering critical environmental data for the past thirteen years. He emphasized that all the conditions and studies to-date indicate that exploration can proceed without adverse impact to the environment, the community, or its culture.

The mining industry is often characterized as boom-and-bust. It is not so for the CuMo Project, said Dykes. Our current analysis points to CuMo as one of the lowest cost producers in the world. This means that should the Project advance to production, it will not be effected by the market price of molybdenum.

The community-at-large attended a dinner and update on Wednesday, September 20, at Boise Basin Senior Center in Idaho City. ICMC partnered with Boise Basin Boosters (BBB) to raise funds for the organization’s community-based initiatives. Community contributions combined with an Idaho CuMo donation delivered approximately $4800 to support BBB’s programs which include holiday meals, disaster relief and a winter Chinese lantern celebration.

Both CuMo events included an overview of the status of the Project, a stationed presentation and small group discussions to address individual questions. Topics included mapping, exploration, permitting, geology and community engagement.

The ICMC team addressed questions about hiring practices, timelines, and infrastructure improvements. Many answers remain vague at this phase of exploration, but the team emphasized that modern mining is based on scientific data and collaborative solutions.

This is not your grandfather’s mining. Modern mining is a collaborative process based on scientific studies, preserving culture, and building communities, stated Noelle Laury, Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communication at Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation. ICMC hopes to become a trusted partner in preserving the community’s great legacy while building a more sustainable Boise County.

Final comments made by the team included a call for the community to become more vocal regarding the Project. Lisa Anderson, Vice President of Government Relations, invited community members to get more involved by joining an advisory group, reaching out to their government officials and attending public forums regarding the CuMo Project.

More information regarding the CuMo Project is available atcumoproject.comor like the CuMo Project Facebook page.

About CuMo Project

The CuMo Project is a scientific exploration of the largest molybdenum deposit and one of the top 25 silver deposits in the world. CuMo is located in a historic mining district in Boise County, Idaho. American CuMo Mining Corporation (CuMoCo) acquired the claim in 2004. CuMoCo established Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC), an Idaho-based, wholly-owned subsidiary, to manage the geologic and environmental exploration that will determine the future development plan.

About Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of American CuMo Mining Corporation, a Canadian natural resource exploration and development company. ICMC is committed to conducting all exploration and development activities, present and future, in a manner that ensures a minimal impact on the environment. Every decision made by the development team is focused on designing an environmentally sound and