As a young boy, I collected all the loose change after mom dumped all the coins out everyones pockets before she through the cloths in the washing machine. It added up and I quickly filled a small coffee can with 90% junk silver coins. I sure wish that it was this easy to find coins today.

Many people buying US rare coins, world gold coins, or bullion ” target=”_blank”>

Old coins prices are determined after the coins have been examined. You should therefore do some research to find out what criteria is used during the examination and once you have the necessary data you can see if you can be able to make a price grading for your old coins depending on what you learn. Be careful with the way you handle the coins lest you damage them and thus render them much more valueless.

You will have seen adverts for your National mint- often in newspapers and definitely online. Nice glossy adverts… expensive adverts… adverts you will be paying for with a huge premium over the true value of the coins!

Ron remembers the day a nicely dressed man in his mid-40s came into his

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