As the world is in turmoil with large financial institution failing, money supplies in many countries being inflated enormously, and with governments going bankrupt over night, we could find safety in hamburgers? Yes, hamburgers.

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Place Values: Learning to read the mintage dates on the coins, and putting their coins into chronological order in a coin folder is a great way to place values to the thousands and also teach how we measure years on a calendar.

I spoke to a man who went to the big concerts to collect beer and pop cans in the parking areas. He said he makes over $100 in a few hours (plus the time to take them to the store). Collecting “returnables” can be an unpleasant way to make money, but an old guy in town here tells me he pays the rent doing this.

None whatsoever. If you introduce credit in this way you introduce the prospect of default. There are plenty of alternate mechanisms for buying gold with leverage and credit, but in the interest of absolute financial safety we choose to be different.

I’d like to thank Paul for taking time to answer my questions and encourage readers to visit his web business. BullionVault really is a remarkable way to purchase gold online.

In other words now that you know the old coin value, depending if you are a

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