where can i sell scrap gold

There are many ways or choices for you to sell gold online. There are so many companies established for this purpose and there are new ones that keep emerging and sometimes it can be hard to find which ones are legitimate. There are online reviews for cash for gold and also companies that offer cash for gold services.

There are plenty of parameters for determining the price of your gold jewelry. You don’t have to make a deal according to just market value. Some gold items are worth more than its market value. If you are the owner of an antique gold ornament, you can get easy money by selling it to the right dealer. If you are wondering how to sell gold items with antique value, it will be good to consult a brokerage firm.

White gold jewelries are jewelries that you may mistakenly see as sterling silver. The difference is white gold is as precious as gold jewelries. It can be pawned and also have a carat value.

Contact Numbers – A good gold buy and sell should have a telephone number so one can speak to a real person. Never sell your precious gold for a company that cannot be contacted.

The term “melt value” refers to the price of gold after being melted down and sold as bullions. When you are selling or buying gold you should make sure that the price is as close to the melt value as possible. In the case of jewelry, selling close to the melt value is not really the best option. Turning good jewelry to scrap gold just to sell to cash for gold jewelry traders would be a huge waste. In this case, jewelry appraisal should be done. The craftsmanship and rarity of the jewelry should be taken into account. In this situation, the amount of gold in the jewelry will not be the only deciding factor on determining its value.

If your jewelry is being bought for its gold content alone, the buyer will place no value on any stones encased, unless these are diamonds. For this reason it is wise for you to retain these stones, when you sell gold Canada, since it will not add value to the sale anyway.

The short answer is NO. When you sell your scrap gold jewelry, the inherent value that it has is its melt value. In my experience, the melt value of scrap gold is typically between 50% and 70% of market value. The trick to getting the most money for your scrap jewelry, if you decide to sell it, is to find a gold sell 14k gold that offers a high percentage of the spot price.