“>coin dealer Summerfield or book store can help you start identifying which coins are worth keeping and which ones are better to use at face value. Start small with pennies and quarters and then work your way up. Your number one asset will be your diligence in checking coins as they come into your possession.

I spoke to a man who went to the big concerts to collect beer and pop cans in the parking areas. He said he makes over $100 in a few hours (plus the time to take them to the store). Collecting “returnables” can be an unpleasant way to make money, but an old guy in town here tells me he pays the rent doing this.

Buying Silver Coins Worth Money: There are many forms in which silver can be bought, so you need to know exactly how you want the silver before you buy it. For example, you can put it in a bank vault as a collectible or as an investment to cushion you from an economic melt down. Whatever the reason for buying silver, be wary of scammers who are prowling the internet for un suspecting silver buyers.

My husband chose the quick pay option, so included in the package was our form with our bank account information so that they could direct deposit our ‘cash’ into our account. According to their website and all their correspondence, they deposit your money within 24 hours of receipt of the “kit”.

No matter what market it was created for, when it reaches your hands it is still valuable as an investment. Sterling contains only 92.5% of the precious metal, so it is not as valuable as the “fine” 99.9% variety, but don’t sell it in your garage sale. These items will be more difficult to sell than coins or bars, but coin shops, scrap yards, and eBay are all dependable options to receive 80%-95% of the precious metal’s market value you hold.