Everything you have as probably some sort of value attached to it. Sometimes this value is founded on how you feel about a certain item, while other items are given values assigned by others. The same applies to old coins and other coins in you collection. While professional coin dealers or expert coin collectors will know the old coin value for various coins, we may have no idea about this.

You also have another avenue to invest in Silver and it may be in your pocket right now. Any Silver nickel or dime that was produced in 1964 or earlier is pure silver. Any time you make a purchase and are handed loose change, check the Silver and save any coin that predates 1964. You may already be invested in a precious metal and not even know it! Either save or take those coins to the dealer to find out how much they may be worth.

(Q) What does BullionVault offer the regular monthly investor who wants to buy a couple of ounces each month for his long term investments….what advantages does BV offer over the one ounce Krugerrands found at a local “>coin shop Tobaccoville

As a side note, I also found out that Cash4Gold only insures these packages for $100. I also discovered that while Cash4Gold claims that if you are unsatisfied with the payment amount, they will return the jewelry, there is a catch. They are only responsible for $100 if they can’t return it (lost or otherwise not returned), and the customer has to pay shipping to have it returned – along with the original shipping cost to get it there.

The handful of companies (Coins N Things, MTB Coins, Jack Hunt Coins, Fidelitrade, American Precious Metals Exchange, A-Mark Precious Metals, The Gold Center, Dillon Gage, and Prudential Securities) selling these silver behemoths have been overwhelmed with requests. The rules limiting them to selling no more than one set of five to any single household has not made it any easier for the majority of folks to find even one example, much less a set of five.

Old coins prices are determined after the coins have been examined. You should therefore do some research to find out what criteria is used during the examination and once you have the necessary data you can see if you can be able to make a price grading for your old coins depending on what you learn. Be careful with the way you handle the coins lest you damage them and thus render them much more valueless.

Bullion is the bars of silver you find at your bank. They are valued in weight and are meant for investment and not collectibles. Some banks buy and sell silver and issue certificates as proof of ownership. This is another foolproof way of buying silver as investment. You should be careful when investing in any forms of precious metals due to the high price and market fluctuations.

During my first three years in college I was a math major. So I realize the silver investing formula in the title of this article is not mathematically correct. However, when monetary inflation sets in, the price of gold will skyrocket. And if, on top of that, the gold to silver price ratio moves to the historic norm, the mathematical rewards for silver investing will be equal to gold investing cubed.