– As emerging market currencies internationally collapse in value, there is a real risk of contagion in bond and currency markets

– Turkish lira falls 43.6% and Argentine peso falls 51% and are respectively the 2nd worst and worst internationally traded and non pegged performing currencies in 2018

– Venezuelan bolivar has completely collapsed

– Inflation is going to take off as wheat has surged 28% and oil is up 16% year to date in dollar terms

– Are Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia and other emerging markets exceptions? Economists think so but contagion could spread rapidly

– Emerging-market crisis is driving safe-haven demand for German Bunds and soon gold

– Important not to think of gold solely in US dollar terms and realise that gold is again acting as a safe haven for those who need a currency hedge



ArgentineSource: Goldprice.org


oilMarket Performance YTD in USD (Finviz.com)

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South Africa

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