This month, West Hollywood-based novelty trading card company Bench Warmer will release a new set of cards featuring its trademark beautiful women. This will be the first time that Bench Warmer includes a stick of bubble gum in its packs of cards, a nod to the 1950’s, when Topps baseball cards were first sold with gum.

This was the era when a few extra pennies meant that I walked or rode my bicycle about a mile to the store below my house and purchased Topps trading card box. It meant that they were separated into teams and put into a small toolbox that my father had made for me. I collected Yankee baseball and Mickey Mantle cards along with others until I graduated from high school and went off to college. This was the year that my cards were given to a younger boy in the neighborhood by my mother. To this day I still get a funny feeling when I walk into a store and see the new packs of sports and racing cards.

Vintage Barbie dolls. These are dolls made before 1972. These are the dolls that you will most likely pay the most for. Some vintage Barbies can sell for over a thousand dollars.

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Collectibles. These items can include a pack of a baseball bats ,cards showing the players of a favored team, miniature Vintage baseball cards helmets, or the fun and popular bobble-head dolls of major baseball celebrities. These kinds of gifts are good because they can be stretched out over several birthdays and Christmases, building a complete collection for the child and creating the anticipation of receiving the next piece.

Low Fees – Many dropshipping companies charge very high fees and make it very difficult to make a profit on eBay. Make sure the company you select charges low fees. I think a dollar or two is a reasonable fee for most products. selling baseball card collection course you want to make sure they don’t raise the shipping charges on you as well.

There you have it. Eight unique stocking stuffer ideas, and nothing priced over $12, with most being much cheaper. Go forth and shop with the knowledge that you can give something fun and special without draining your bank account to do it. Cheap, and original, is in for Christmas stocking stuffers 2009.