It can be relatively simple to sell gold for cash if you know what you are doing. Selling gold online can greatly facilitate the process because it removes even the need for you to leave your home.

The next step of how to sell gold jewelry is to look into finding a company that has its own refinery. The reason for this is to avoid any middle-man cost and get the absolute most cash for your gold.

If your looking to sell gold for profit on a small scale with no interest in investing, the obvious way of doing it is as most ordinary folks like to do it. That is selling the where to sell gold coins that they have no use for lying around the house, such as in old jewelry. Another way of selling on a small scale is… to keep an eye out for jewelry in garage sales, and church bazaars.

Often times, with broken or worn down jewellery, you can get the best prices by selling to an online money for gold. You don’t have to wait in long lines or face hazardous conditions to get your check either. You can simply send the gold through the mail and sit at home while you wait for the money to roll in.

Some of the selling of gold is done via mail too. Companies who offer this service send a prepaid packet to the person who wants to sell gold. The seller puts the gold inside the packet. Then they will send a receipt with an assurance to return the gold if the seller is not satisfied with the price.

West Coast Gold Buyers are reputed buyers of gold and you can cash in with them if you are looking to sell gold for cash – mostly in the form of jewelry, coins, articles etc. cash for gold deals have been going on for a while. While you engage in cash for gold deals, there are certain things to keep in mind – definitely research on the trend and historical gold prices in the market, know the worth of what you are cashing in on and who is the seller, what kind of scales to use and about karats etc.

Also, when you sell to a refiner, you’re forced to set aside any collector’s pride you might have in your coins. The coins will not be added to another person’s collection. Instead, the gold content in them is extracted, refined, and recycled into jewelry. Some former collectors may regard this as an unsuitable fate for certain highly-valued coins.

You will need to learn a few details if you want to get into the cash for gold jewelry business. The price of gold continuously fluctuates. The value of the gold you are selling or buying may vary continuously until the moment you actually complete the transaction. The purity is essential in computing for the value of gold. 24 karats is equivalent to .999 purity. For 24 karat gold pieces simply multiply the weight by the current price of gold. For slightly less pure gold items, you need to multiply a percentage of its weight by the current price of gold. There is a table for determining what percentage of weight to use as a multiplier for each purity level.

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